What is OETCx?

OETCx is an unconference that happens during the Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC). Bringing together thousands of teachers, administrators, and students, OETC is one of the largest educational technology conferences. And with the addition of OETCx, it becomes one of the best.

Taking place along side OETC, the unconference takes the idea of sessions and presentations and puts a different spin on them. By using ideas from edcamps, hackathons, and other participant led gatherings, OETCx wants to provide participants exciting, intriguing, and inclusive events.

Getting involved

To get involved and/or receive information about OETCx, follow the OETCx Twitter account and join the OETCx Slack.


Slack is a business oriented communications tool that offers interactive chats in public and private channels, along with private messages. You can sign up with the OETCx Slack here. To get the most our of Slack at the conference, you’ll want to install the app on your mobile device and laptop.

Presenters can create a channel for their presentations by requesting a channel once you’ve joined the Slack. This back channel would be a great way to connect with your audience before and after the session and share content.


Ask away on Twitter or Slack!